20.10.2021 | Blogi

Ida Flemmich: Why should we integrate our international students?

Integrating the international students is a topic we often speak about, but what does it
actually mean? A student moves to Finland, studies, graduates, and stays in Finland as a
working citizen. It feels kind of easy, doesn’t it? But is it just “like that”, and why should I as a local student care?

It is not as easily done as it is told, and we have also encountered new challenges during
these past two years. How can you be integrated to the study life if you cannot visit
campus? Or how can you be integrated to Finland if you can’t go there?

We don’t have answers to these questions, and this is a topic we are going to work with for a long time. What we know is: integration of international students is important. We as Student Unions need to make sure everyone feels included in the study life, while the Universities of Applied Sciences need to make sure the students get their education and a stabile ground to start working in Finland. Together we can create networks, start
discussions, and find the needs.

We need to work for more work experience during your studies, by working alongside
practice places. We need to make sure our international students want to stay in Finland
after their studies, and that they actually have a chance of using their diploma. We need to make sure local but especially international students have the same possibilities after graduation.


Ida Flemmich
Candidate for Board Member of SAMOK 2022