15.12.2023 | Bulletin, News, SAMOK informs

Bulletin: SAMOK’s Board for 2024 has divided the responsibilities

The SAMOK Board for 2024 has been organised at its meeting on the 14th of December 2023, with shared responsibilities for education policy, social policy, services, communication and international affairs. In addition to these, the Board has allocated the responsible parties and the godparent student unions.

From 1st of January 2024, the Board’s responsibilities will be as follows:

Lauri Kujala, President
Political lobbying and leadership, strategy reform
Godparent to Student Unions: Tamko

Sanni Koivuluoma, Vice President
Political lobbying and leadership, social policy: students’ social security and benefit systems, equality
Godparent to Student Unions: Rotko, Copsa, Hamko, JAMKO, Humako

Janina Brunfeldt, Board Member
International students, services, community, EU elections
Godparent to Student Unions: ASK, Novium, SkÅHla, Kaakko, Sammakko

Asta Nieminen, Board Member
International relations, EU lobbying, education policy
Godparent to Student Unions: OSAKO, Kamo, Laureamko, KOE, O’Diako

Linda Vallenius, Board Member
Communication, social policy: student housing, students’ health and well-being
Godparent to Student Unions: Poka, METKA, Samo, Vamok, SAVOTTA, Helga

Responsibilities for implementing the Action Plan will be clarified after the turn of the year, when the work of the Board will begin.

Contact details and responsibilities will be updated in the contact section of our website in January, when the new Board starts its term. Emails for new board members are already active and will take the form [email protected].

In addition, a dedicated personnel member has been distributed to SAMOK member student unions as a contact person. The purpose of this is to add a single point of contact for low-threshold contact and to bring continuity and overlap to the godparent student union activities. For example, visits to a godparent student unions will continue to be primarily the responsibility of a board member. In addition, we will create a common Slack channel for low-threshold communication for each student union and SAMOK by the beginning of the year at the latest.

The personnel of the godparent student unions:

Aleksi Airaksinen: ASK, Novium, SkÅHla, SAVOTTA, Helga (Tekla Kosonen will also support the Swedish-speaking student unions until spring 2024).
Erica Alaluusua: OSAKO, Kamo, Laureamko
Ninni Kuparinen: Rotko, Copsa, Hamko
Veeti Mieskonen: JAMKO, Humako
Aleksi Niemi: Poka, METKA, Samo, Vamok (until 25.2. Aleksi Niemi, afterwards Johanna Fonsell)
Vellu Taskila: Tamko
Roosa Veijola: KOE, O’Diako, Kaakko, Sammakko

For more information:

Lauri Kujala
Chairperson 2024
[email protected]
044 321 1500

Vellu Taskila
Executive director
[email protected]
044 238 5384