SAMOK’s project “Boosting Mobility: Exchange with Erasmus+ Grant”

About the project:

In SAMOK’s 2023 project “Boosting Mobility: Exchange with Erasmus+ Grant,” video and poster materials have been produced to inform higher education students about the grant opportunities offered by the Erasmus+ program for international university exchange and internships. The materials are primarily intended for use by Higher Education Institutions and student organisations. The video can be shown, for example, as part of orientation week and exchange information sessions, and it is also encouraged to be displayed on screens in hallways and dining areas. The video can also be posted on websites and shared on social media. Regarding the poster, we hope it is utilised in both physical and digital formats.

For higher education students:

The video provides general information about the Erasmus+ grant, its application process, and its amount. For more detailed information about exchange destinations and application deadlines, contact your university’s international mobility services. Additionally, here is a useful website related to funding for exchange and internship periods. It’s available in finnish and swedish:

The materials can be found here on Google Drive.