SAMOK’s advocacy work

Together with student unions, SAMOK’s goal is to extensively oversee the interests of students and high-quality university of applied sciences education. In this section, we explain SAMOK’s advocacy and interest representation work around different themes. If you want to hear more or ask about a topic, you can contact our experts and our Board of Directors. You can find the contact information on the Contacts page.

The advocacy section has information on the following topics:

  • Quality of university of applied sciences education (Coming soon)
  • Steering and funding of universities of applied sciences (Coming soon)
  • Internationality: student mobility and exchange studies, international students in Finland, international and EU engagement work
  • Educational equality
  • Student housing
  • Student wellbeing and study ability and the FSHS
  • Students’ livelihood and benefit systems
  • Funding of student unions
  • Students at Risk Finland
  • SAMOK’s meeting register
  • SAMOK’s working groups, representations and memberships

SAMOK’s positions are decided annually by the student unions at the Annual General Assembly held in late October or early November.

The documents guiding SAMOK’s activities can be found on the documents page.