The National Union of Students in Finnish Universities of Applied Sciences – SAMOK is a nationwide student organisation founded in 1996.
SAMOK translates the views of UAS students into political action through advocacy and a wide range of services. SAMOK’s policies are formulated by the organisation’s Board, whose members are elected annually at the General Meeting. SAMOK also employs a team of salaried staff. SAMOK’s Board and staff work closely together to defend the rights and interests of UAS students.

The organisation’s priorities are set by its member unions at the General Meeting each year.

SAMOK’s focus is exclusively on #UASstudents. SAMOK improves the daily lives of UAS students by working closely with student unions locally, nationally and internationally. We also represent the interests of students on the European level through our umbrella organisation, the European Students’ Union (ESU), as well as the Nordic/Baltic cooperation forum Nordiskt ordförande möten (NOM).

Stakeholder engagement

SAMOK has close ties with a number of other student and youth organisations, political parties, labour market organisations and government departments. Our most important partner in the Finnish government is the Ministry of Education and Culture, but we also work closely with, for example, the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health.


SAMOK provides its member unions with a wide range of services, such as training courses, consultancy and expert advice. The organisation runs training and networking events for the management, staff and officials of student unions every spring and autumn. Click here for more information about SAMOK’s services for student unions.

Find out more about SAMOK

Click here for a brochure providing more information about us (in Finnish).