Student housing

A safe home is the foundation of a good life, which is why SAMOK strives in its work to ensure that every student has the right to reasonably priced housing in a safe environment with good connections to the university campus.
About one in four students live in student housing. Reasons for not living in student housing include, for example, family relationships, insufficient number of apartments and previously acquired owned housing.

SAMOK promotes the development of student housing by cooperating with organisations focusing on student housing, such as the Finnish Associations of Student Housing Organisations SOA and through the Sillanrakentajat housing network. In addition, SAMOK strives to influence the cost of housing and the volume of housing production through meetings with decision-makers and working groups. SAMOK also works closely with student unions in the form of supporting local advocacy work.

Our advisor on the subject:

Erica Alaluusua

Erica Alaluusua


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Students’ social security and benefit systems, student housing