Housing and

In international comparison, Finland’s benefits system is comprehensive and studies are supported by the state.
A Finnish student is entitled to a study grant as well as a housing grant, but unfortunately the system generally excludes international students. Instead, international students have the opportunity to apply for a variety of scholarships and grants. One of the most common providers of grants and scholarships is the Erasmus+ program.

Student housing foundations offer affordable student housing in most student cities and their number varies by city. In addition to student housing, students can apply for housing on the private market. The market differs a lot depending on the city in terms of quantity, quality and price. It might be the most challenging to find student housing in Helsinki, where rental prices are high and demand for small studios outweighs the available supply.

In many places, students are eligible for student discounts.
This is especially evident in student meals, since Kela supports students meals that only cost 2.70 euros per serving. Student restaurants offer varied and warm meals every weekday. In addition, students are entitled to, among other things, cheaper travel tickets, both for long-distance trains and local transport, as well as discounts on various cultural and sports activities.