The documents that guide our activities

Documents guiding the operation

The guidelines of SAMOK’s operations are based on the political program, annual plan of actions and member services, which you can find out more in our “member services” document.

Strategy 2021-2024

The implementation and measurement of this strategy is guided by the value of inclusion, which cuts through all of SAMOK’s activities.


These rules were adopted for the second time at an extraordinary meeting of the federation, which was held remotely. These rules were adopted by decision of the General Assembly on 21.6.2022.

SAMOK’s electronic brochure

In the electronic brochure, you can familiarize yourself with SAMOK’s activities.


The guidelines provide instructions for the use of the SAMOK’s logo. In addition to the traditional logo, the options include a logo with a legend and a dot-conversion logo to be used in combination with a trilingual legend. The logos can be found in the material bank.

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