Finland for students

Finland – a unique Nordic gem known for Santa Claus, thousands of lakes and high-quality education.
Finland offers something for everyone in terms of fields of study, universities and cities to live in. In Helsinki you can enjoy the urban life of the capital, in Tampere you can live in old factory buildings and in Rovaniemi you can spot reindeer daily.
Finland offers diverse opportunities for study and leisure.
Our national sport pesäpallo – a Finnish version of baseball – and hockey in the winter season are especially worth trying. Nature and outdoor activities are a lifeline for many Finns, and people often choose to live close to nature. In Finland, forests, lakes and fells are open to everyone, and everyone has the right to even set up a tent and admire the bright summer night or the great northern lights.

Finns are considered stubborn and quiet, but loyal and likeable people. There are more than three million saunas in Finland and Finns love coffee – the coffee culture has been unique for decades to this day, and it is of great importance in Finnish interaction.