Higher education
in Finland

Finnish education has long enjoyed a great reputation around the world, for good reason. The free higher education system has enabled cross-class education for both Finnish and many international students.

Free education also covers some international students. Like Finnish citizens, students from EU and EEA countries have the opportunity to receive free education. Since 2016, it has been possible to charge tuition fees for students coming from outside the EU and EEA countries. Tuition fees are university-specific, but the fees are still average in international comparison.
University of applied sciences studies include an internship, and it is a compulsory part of completing your degree in Finland.
The length of the internship varies according to the degree program and just over a third of the internships are paid. Internships are often a gateway to working life and many students find employment through them. However, internships are in demand and competition for places is sometimes fierce.
Universities of applied sciences studies in Finland
Universities of Applied Sciences in Finland

In addition, there is the Högskolan på Åland in Åland and the Police University of Applied Sciencesunder the Ministry of the Interior.