Apply to SAMOK

Hi, it’s great that you’re interested in getting involved in the national student organisation! On this page you will find information on how to apply for SAMOK’s board, a link to a webinar on the topic, a candidate’s handbook and contact details for applicant services.

Could I become a member of the SAMOK Board?

Anyone interested in the advocacy and advancement of UAS students can apply to join SAMOK board! This is possible at the annual General Assembly. At the meeting, SAMOK elects a Board to implement its strategy and action plan in cooperation with its employees.

The Board’s term of office starts on 1 January and ends on 31 December each year and its work is primarily carried out at the union’s office in Helsinki.

What can you do in a national lobbying organisation?

  • You get to promote the cause of UAS students on a national level.
  • You will certainly learn new things about lobbying and organising, and you can deepen what you have learned in the past.
  • You’ll gain a comprehensive network and useful working life skills.
  • You will gain experience in international cooperation and lobbying.
  • You’ll get to do advocacy work in a great working community and be supported by your own pair of colleagues!
The concise guide below explains what the National Union of Students in Finnish Universities of Applied Sciences – SAMOK does, what kind of positions of trust are available on the association’s board and how you can apply for them.
You can ask for more information and register your candidacy by contacting SAMOK’s candidate support.

For the 2024 SAMOK candidate support, please contact:

Aleksi Airaksinen
Communications and services advisor
[email protected]
044 051 9521

Sanni Koivuluoma
Vice president
[email protected]
050 360 9376

Asta Nieminen
Board member
[email protected]
050 389 1002

The harassment liaison officers and equality monitors in 2024 will be:

A year at SAMOK was fun, busy, sometimes stressful, always educational and full of adventures!

SAMOK is also a place where you can gain so much for yourself: networks, experience, knowledge and, of course, friends. I would recommend applying to SAMOK to anyone who wants to learn about social action, grow their networks, learn leadership, teamwork and influence. My time at SAMOK had a significant impact on the direction of my career, and today I am glad that I answered yes to student life in my day!

SAMOK Alumni 2015

For me, applying to SAMOK was the result of a long process of reflection, and turned out to be one of the best decisions I ever made. In particular, it allowed me to deepen my political knowledge and develop as a performer and expert. Sometimes I was tired as hell, but even so, a year in government gave me confidence in my own abilities, and helped me get my current job. In the end, the best thing is the friends you have made in government, with whom you can still have a chat and talk about how society is going.

SAMOK Alumni 2017

The SAMOK year was very interesting and I developed my skills every day, but of course it was also hard at times – fortunately I had support from the staff, the rest of the board and my colleagues in Lapinrinne. The double election spring in particular offered many opportunities to learn and experience about higher education policy, lobbying and campaigning. Without SAMOK, I would not be in my current career.

SAMOK Alumni 2019