Quality of education in universities of applied sciences

The quality of higher education is an important theme both for students’ skill-building and for the society. To develop high-quality education, the laws that govern universities and universities of applied sciences require that higher education institutions participate in regular evaluations. These evaluations are carried out as independent audits, which assess how the higher education institution maintains and develops quality. In Finland, these audits are carried out by the Finnish Education Evaluation Centre (FINEEC).

FINEEC’s audits aim to pinpoint the strengths, good practices and development areas of higher education institutions. This is done by involving the higher education institution’s staff, students and stakeholders with methods such as interviews. When an individual university of applied sciences is being audited, students are usually represented by the elected officials and staff of student unions.

SAMOK is actively involved in the quality efforts of universities of applied sciences through FINEEC. We have representation in FINEEC’s working groups, where we raise important student matters in the context of higher education audits. We also help find student representatives for audit groups. We always emphasise the students’ perspectives in this work.

For more information about FINEEC and the quality audits of higher education institutions, please visit FINEEC’s website.

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