23.11.2023 | Bulletin, Events, SAMOK informs

Invitation to the SAMOK’s extraordinary General Assembly 15.12.

You are welcome to our extraordinary general assembly on Friday 15.12.2023 starting at 13.30 by remote access. The formal venue of the general assembly will be the SAMOK office (Lapinrinne 2, Helsinki).

The Extraordinary General Assembly will deal with the second reading of the SAMOK Statutes amendments.

Right to vote, voting figures

The votes and representatives of the member organisations in the General Assembly shall be determined in accordance with Article 5 of the Rules of the Union as follows:

”The number of votes a Member Organisation has in the General Assembly is determined as follows:
one (1) vote per each five hundred (500) paid individual members of the Member Organisation. A
prerequisite for exercising the right to vote is the payment of any overdue membership fees. A representative of a Member Organisation may cast one (1) to four(4) votes at the General
Assembly in accordance with the proxy issued by the Member Organisation, taking into account the
Member Organisation’s total number of votes. Each representative shall have a personal proxy that
indicates the number of votes and the substitute representative. A representative notified in
accordance with the Rules may enrol for the General Assembly throughout its duration.”

Registration and mandates

According to the Association’s rules,registration for the general assembly must be made at least 10 days before the meeting, that is, by tuesday 5th of december 2023 at the latest. Registration can be done using this form.

The mandates should be submitted by Visma Sign by Monday 16.10.2023. A copy of the section of the Student Union Rules concerning signatories should be submitted with the mandate.

General assembly fee

There is no fee for attending the General Assembly.

Meeting material

The agenda, information on the number of votes in the student unions and the materials for the meeting will be sent in Finnish SAMOK Drive by Friday 17.11 at the latest. Materials will be translated into Swedish in all essential parts by 24.11. SAMOK will not provide printed versions of the meeting material.

On social media, you can participate in the meeting with the tag #samokliko.