Bulletin: SAMOK nominates Ida Flemmich to the Executive Committee of European Students’ Union

 In Bulletin, SAMOK informs

SAMOK nominates Ida Flemmich to the Executive Committee of European Students' Union.

National Union of Students in Finnish Universities of Applied Sciences – SAMOK is pleased to nominate Ida Flemmich as a member of the Executive Committee of European Students’ Union (ESU). Ida has previously served on SAMOK’s Executive Board 2022 and before that in Arcada Student Union – ASK both as a board member, vice president and president.

Ida would like to contribute to the development of ESU both as an organisation and to ESU’s role as the voice of the students. Important issues that Ida wants to promote in the ESU board are open dialogue, communication and sustainable development.

“ESU has a strong foundation with a long history, but only together can we make it even stronger. Together we can make ESU an even more efficient and effective organisation that really makes a difference in the lives of students. I would be a board member who truly represents and understands the diversity of all students in Europe and who works for equality and quality in higher education”, says Ida Flemmich.

The mandate given to Ida by the SAMOK Executive Board to run for the ESU Executive Committee, as well as the term of the ESU Executive Committee, is for one year. The ESU General Assembly will take place in Tbilisi, Georgia, from 1-7 May 2023, and the election of candidates will take place on Thursday 4 May.

“It is great to have Ida as SAMOK’s candidate for the ESU. Ida’s experience in the student movement and advocacy work makes her an excellent candidate for the ESU Executive Committee”, says SAMOK President Joonas Soukkio.

Next year will be an important year for students at European level, with the European Parliament elections and the Bologna Ministerial Conference in Tirana, Albania. The meeting will bring together Ministers from the European Higher Education Area to discuss what has been achieved and what remains to be achieved in the Bologna Process. The Bologna Process aims to harmonise the higher education systems of different European countries.

More information:
Ida Flemmich
+358 50 492 8816
[email protected]

Roosa Veijola
European Policy Advisor, SAMOK
+358 50 389 1012
[email protected]

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