07.01.2022 | Uncategorized

Changes to Lähtölaukaus

The corona situation has not developed well in terms of organizing events, so we have decided to alter the arrangements for the kick-off cruise (Lähtölaukaus) a bit.

Lähtölaukaus will be held linghtened and remotely on Monday and Tuesday, January 24-25, 2022.

There are some programs planned for Lähtölaukaus that will take place on a cruise from Tuesday to Thursday, April 12-14, 2022, where we will combine the themes and atmosphere of Lähtölaukaus with Vaikuttajafoorumi (the Influencer Forum). So Vaikuttajafoorumi will not be held separately on March 31st.

During the April cruise, there will be an emphasis on community and encounters. In addition, there will be a program for those working in various roles of trust within student unions, employees, and stakeholders.

Due to this changed situation, we would like to offer you a package in which you would receive both Lähtölaukaus remotely in January and the cruise in April at the same price. If the new time of the cruise is not convenient for you or if you wish to only participate in remote Lähtölaukaus in January, you may cancel your registration free of charge by the end of January by mailing to Events & Communications Coordinator Aleksi ([email protected]).

Furthermore, we will be opening an additional registration window for both the Remote Lähtölaukaus and the cruise in april.

We will contact participants with program details and other information as soon as possible.