11.05.2023 | Bulletin

Bulletin: SAMOK Board reorganised

SAMOK’s Executive Board for 2023 has been reorganised at its meeting on 11.5.2023. The reason for the reorganisation was the resignation of board member Minni Takala.

The responsibilities of the Board as of 11 May 2023 are as follows:

Joonas Soukkio, President
Leadership – political lobbying, Parliamentary elections and ESU

Diana Muraskina, Vice President
Leadership – political lobbying and education policy

Adel Rizvi, Member of the Board
Services, International Affairs

Halla Kokkonen, Member of the Board
Social Policy and Equality

Oona Pappila, Member of the Board
Communication and Community

Takala’s godparent student unions have been redistributed as follows:

  • Arcada studerandekår – ASK: Joonas Soukkio
  • Humanistisen ammattikorkeakoulun opiskelijakunta HUMAKO: Halla Kokkonen
  • Hämeen ammattikorkeakoulun opiskelijakunta – HAMKO: Diana Muraskina
  • Laurea-ammattikorkeakoulun opiskelijakunta Laureamko: Oona Pappila

More information:

Joonas Soukkio
[email protected]
tel. 050 389 1000