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SAMOK condemns the military attack done by the Russian federation – Ukraine needs our help

University of Applied Sciences Students in Finland – SAMOK condemns the military attack done by the Russian federation against Ukraine.

“As a part of the international student movement we are particularly concerned about the safety of Ukrainian and foreign students in Ukraine. We stand in solidarity with Ukranian people and Ukranian student union UAS (Українська асоціація студентів)” says a president of SAMOK’s executive committee Emmi Lainpelto.

Ukraine is part of Europe and now needs all possible support. The European Union must act as one front and support Ukraine. More significant sanctions must be imposed on Russia, and Russia must be demanded to end all military operations in Ukraine immediately.

In this situation, it is also good for each of us to remember that the situation is the cause of the Russian federation, not the cause of Russian people. We cannot let this situation give way to racism.

It is normal to feel frightened about the situation in Ukraine, but we should not let this fear stop us from taking action. Particularly, Finland must increase its humanitarian and financial assistance to Ukraine during this difficult time.

We can also help Ukrainians by donating, for example to the Finnish Red Cross or Unicef, which provide humanitarian assistance to the conflict zone in Ukraine. In addition, you can help by spreading information about the war from reliable sources on your own networks.

On Saturday 26th. of February 2022 at 12 o’clock, the youth organizations of the parliamentary parties will hold a demonstration. The demonstration of peace will begin at 12 noon in Esplanadi Park and will move to Tehtaankatu near the Russian Embassy at 1 PM. Samok supports the demonstration and encourages participation.

Ukraine’s crisis can shock the mind. There is no need to be left alone with distressing feelings. University support services or Mieli Ry’s crisis phone, for example, can assist with discussion. The Finnish Red Cross has also compiled a comprehensive package on its website.

More info:
Emmi Lainpelto
President of the board
[email protected]
050 389 1000

Roosa Veijola
European policy advisor
[email protected]
050 389 1012