17.05.2023 | Uncategorized

Bulletin: SAMOK’s Code of Conduct has been updated

SAMOK’s Code of Conduct has been updated this spring and the completed document can now be found in the Documents section. Previously, the Code of Conduct has only applied to events, but has now been extended to cover all SAMOK activities. As part of it, a set of principles for a safer space has been built in, which student unions can also use as a basis for building their own principles. The structure of the document has been clarified and the content has been adapted to better meet equality challenges, for example in relation to cyber-harassment. The guidelines for SAMOK anti-harassment liaison officers have also been clarified. Terms have been moved to the end of the document and expanded.

More information:

Halla Kokkonen, board member
[email protected]
050 389 1002