27.07.2023 | SAMOK informs, Events

Welcome to hyperlocal discussion: Why do we need higher education?

Come and join an extraordinary hyperlocal discussion to gain understanding of the everyday life and challenges of being a student in Estonia, Latvia and Finland!

If higher education has the same principles in Europe, what do the experiences look like in achieving the same goals? Are there any challenges or prospects we share? This public dialogue gives an inside look at these questions through the experiences of five different students from Estonia, Latvia and Finland.

By experiencing the new hyperlocal discussion format, you can share and listen to thoughts from Estonia, Latvia and Finland without leaving Helsinki. Just come to Puistokatu 4 in Helsinki to be part of the new discussion experience!

The students sharing their experience:

  • Katariina Järve (University of Tartu, Estonia)
  • Trine Tamm (Tallinn University, Estonia)
  • Adel Rizvi (Metropolia University of Applied Sciences, Finland)
  • Kristaps Opincāns (alumni of University of Latvia, Latvia)
  • Simona Granta (Riga Technical University, Latvia)

Discussion is facilitated by Timeout method expert Efe Evwaraye.


  • Where? Puistokatu 4, 00140 Helsinki
  • When? August 12th 2023, at 16.00
  • Partners: Hybrid European Democracy Festival, Timeout Foundation, National Union of Students in Finnish Universities of Applied Sciences , Student Union of Latvia, Estonian National Student Federation

This event is a pre-event to Hybrid European Democracy Festival, a discussion festival taking place in May 2024 from over 20 locations over Europe.