10.08.2023 | Blog

Adel Rizvi

Blog: Navigating the Finnish Political Landscape

As a higher education student, understanding Finnish politics is crucial for several reasons.

Politics in Finland might seem a bit complicated at first, but don’t worry! This blog will make it easier for you to grasp the basics. Finnish politics is all about making decisions that shape the country’s society, economy, and governance. Here individuals, groups, and political parties try to influence these decisions within a democratic framework. In a democracy, citizens vote and elect representatives to act on their behalf.

The political spectrum in Finland ranges from left-wing to right-wing ideologies. Left-wing parties want the government to be more involved in social and economic matters, focusing on social welfare, income equality, and public services. Centre parties take a moderate approach and aim to balance left and right-wing policies through cooperation and compromise. On the other hand, right-wing parties prefer limited government intervention in the economy, emphasising individual freedom and free markets, often supporting lower taxes and reduced public spending.

As a higher education student, understanding Finnish politics is crucial for several reasons. Firstly, political decisions directly affect education funding, student grants, and overall education quality. Being aware of these policies helps you understand your educational context. Secondly, political parties address issues that impact young people, like employment opportunities, housing, and environmental policies. Your generation’s voice matters in shaping these decisions. Additionally, decisions related to social welfare programs, healthcare, and housing directly influence your well-being as a student and future citizen. Also, different political parties may have varying stances on tuition fees for higher education, which can significantly affect your financial situation while studying.

Now that you see the relevance of politics in your student life. Let’s explore how you can take an active role. Research and think about various Finnish political parties and their policies to align yourself with the one that resonates with your beliefs and values. Exercise your right to vote and participate in elections, as voting is crucial in a democratic society. Get involved in political activities on campus or in your community, and attend debates, discussions, and events organised by different parties to gain a deeper understanding. Stay informed by following reliable news sources to be aware of the issues that matter to you.

As a higher education student, you have the potential to shape Finland’s future. By understanding politics, identifying your values, and actively participating in the democratic process, you can make a meaningful impact and contribute to the well-being of society. Embrace this journey of discovering politics and empower yourself to make your voice heard!

Writer is Adel Rizvi, SAMOK’s board member