National Union of Students in Finnish Universities of Applied Sciences – SAMOK

Lapinrinne 2 | 00180 HELSINKI
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Business ID: 1056678-8
Domicile: Helsinki

E-invoicing address: 003710566788
Operator: Maventa (003721291126)

Our office is located in Helsinki at Lapinrinne 2, next to the B-ladder.

If the matter concerns a student card (ordering a card, paying for an academic year sticker, the effect of changing a university of applied sciences on the card, etc.), contact your student union directly.

The Board
  • Joonas Soukkio President of the board

    050 389 1000

    Leadership – political lobbying, Parliamentary elections and ESU

    Godparent to Student Unions: ASK, Novium and SkÅHla

  • Diana Muraskina Vice president of the board

    044 300 3171

    Leadership – political lobbying and education policy

    Godparent to Student Unions: HAMKO, KOE, Student Union of Police University College, SAMMAKKO and Tamko

  • Halla Kokkonen Board member

    050 389 1002

    Social policy and equality

    Godparent to Student Unions: Copsa, Helga, Humako, POKA, ROTKO and SAVOTTA

  • Oona Pappila Board member

    050 536 0539

    Communication and Community

    Godparent to Student Unions: Kaakko, KAMO, Laureamko, METKA and OSAKO

  • Adel Rizvi Board member

    050 389 1015

    Services & International Affairs

    Godparent to Student Unions: Jamko, O’Diako, SAMO and VAMOK

  • Vellu Taskila
    Vellu Taskila Executive Director

    044 238 5384

    Leading the personnel and advisory work, relations with other NGOs and economic management

  • Roosa Veijola
    Roosa Veijola European policy advisor

    050 389 1012

    European advocacy, organizational relations

  • Ninni Kuparinen
    Ninni Kuparinen Social policy advisor

    040 164 7992

    Students’ health, wellbeing and equality, social security and benefit systems, student housing

  • Aleksi Airaksinen
    Aleksi Airaksinen Communications and services advisor

    044 051 9521

    Events, trainings and communication

  • Aleksi Niemi Education policy advisor

    050 389 1018

    Education policy and student union financing

  • Erica Alaluusua Social policy advisor

    040 7731854

    Students’ social security and benefit systems, student housing

  • Tekla Kosonen Project manager

    040 775 2816

    SAMOK supporting student unions project

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