SAMOK’s harassment liaison officers

The SAMOK anti-harassment liaison officers for 2023 will be Erica Alaluusua and Adel Rizvi. Their contact details can be found below. You can also contact them via the contact form, if necessary anonymously.

  • Adel Rizvi Board member

    050 389 1015

    Services & International Affairs

    Godparent to Student Unions: Jamko, O’Diako, SAMO and VAMOK

  • Erica Alaluusua Social policy advisor

    040 7731854

    Students’ social security and benefit systems, student housing

SAMOK operates a Code of Conduct. For example, at events, participants agree to this when they register. The Code of Conduct is also reviewed at the beginning of each event. SAMOK’s Code of Conduct and safer spaces in SAMOK’s activities can be found in the Documents section.

SAMOK has two full-time harassment liaison officers who can be contacted on any matter relating to SAMOK’s activities.

Anti-Harassment Liaison Officers are trained individuals whose role is to provide a confidential way to report and deal with harassment at events and other SAMOK activities. Where appropriate, anti-harassment liaison officers will be selected separately for each event and introduced to the participants. The harassment liaison officers will discuss the incident with the person experiencing harassment and agree on possible follow-up actions. All situations will be treated confidentially and no action will be taken without the consent of the person experiencing harassment.

SAMOK works to prevent harassment and discrimination in the following ways:

  • Code of Conduct
  • Anti-harassment liaison officers
  • Anonymous form for participants at events
  • Equality training
  • Coaching for board and staff
  • During January, SAMOK will appoint two anti-harassment liaison officers for the rest of the year.
  • The harassment liaison officers can be either employees or trustees. The two persons will be of different genders.
  • Planning meetings and team-building among the whole work community
  • Collective action in the field of occupational health and safety to prevent harassment and discrimination

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