Tekla KosonenProject manager

[email protected]

040 775 2816

SAMOK supporting student unions project

My name is Tekla. I work as a project manager in the project SAMOK Supporting Student Unions.

What I do in practice is organise project-related trainings and workshops, develop SAMOK’s internal operations within the context of supporting student unions, and coordinate the overall progress of the project. During the project, we will also publish a report on the activities of student unions, which will hopefully continue to benefit SAMOK and student unions long into the future!

At work, I sometimes have Vox, my Prague Ratter, working as my assistant project manager. Outside work, I enjoy being with my dog, going to the gym, and spending time with the people closest to me. If the conversation veers into topics like single transferable vote, education policy, or the human condition, it’s even better!

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