Ninni KuparinenSocial policy advisor

040 164 7992

[email protected]

Students’ health, well-being and equality

I’m Ninni, SAMOK’s social policy advisor. My desk covers variously topics related to students’ health, well-being and equality, income security and student housing.

Our objectives on student health and well-being aim to develop issues related to student health care, social and health services and support services in higher education, among others. In our work on equality, we promote both accessibility of higher education and equal and equitable practices in higher education. The sector works closely with student unions, higher education institutions, FSHS and ministries.

Students’ income security and housing policy issues are promoted together with many collaborator such as SOA – The Finnish Association of Student Housing Organisations, Kela and ministries. In addition to cooperation with collaborators, the advocacy work on income security and housing also involves other extensive national analysis of the situation and the development of systems and structures.

My work also includes, of course, supporting student unions in these areas and working together with our sister organisation, National Union of University Students in Finland (SYL).

My aim is to achieve structures and practices in Finnish society that encourage education and make possible students to complete a higher education degree and support their ability to study and their overall well-being.

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