It is a nationwide student organization that consists of 23 different student unions in Finland.

SAMOK’s goal is to defend the interests of UAS students comprehensively by supporting and serving student unions so that they have the best tools to advance the interests of the students at their own university.

SAMOK translates the views of polytechnic students into political action, and the Board of Directors, which is elected annually at the General Meeting, is responsible for the union’s policies. In addition to the Board, SAMOK’s office has paid staff. The staff and the Board work together to preserve and develop on the interests and benefits of UAS students. SAMOK co-operates with other student and youth organizations, political parties, labor market organizations and ministries. In the state administration, our most important partner is the Ministry of Education and Culture, but we also cooperate with the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health, for example.

Effecting the daily lives of UAS students.

SAMOK, in partnership with student unions, has an effect on the daily lives of UAS students, both at domestic universities of applied sciences and at the international level. SAMOK influences students’ affairs in Europe through the umbrella organization, the European Students’ Union (ESU), and the Nordic-Baltic co-operation forum, Nordiskt ordförande möten (NOM).

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